Wisconsin Pallets can be either almost like new or in need of multiple repairs. They are categorized into quality grades accordingly. Despite being used, they are capable of supporting higher weight compared to new ones.

Commitment to Quality

Wisconsin Pallets offer a cost-effective solution while also being beneficial for the environment. Due to lower moisture content, they tend to dry more quickly and are stronger. We have a large inventory of recycled pallets that are always readily available, and come in various design options to prevent dents and bruises.

When you buy Wisconsin Pallets, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and ease congestion at your dock and warehouse. Our primary goal is to provide the best options for our customers’ specific needs while minimizing the cost of waste disposal. We offer a variety of universal sizes and types that are easy for forklifts and pallet jacks to handle.

Wisconsin Pallets

Other Services Offered by Used Pallets Wisconsin

New Pallets

Variety of Uses

Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin offers used pallets that are more durable than shipping containers, making them perfect for stacking or storing large items without worrying about them breaking. By closely monitoring quality assurance, we ensure that our recycled pallets are reliable enough for their intended use. Whether you’re transporting goods, furniture, or building materials, our selection of new and previously-owned pallets at affordable prices are easy to handle, and we offer a wide range of pallet applications.


Quality Control & Durability

Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin is committed to providing our clients with durable, high-quality pallets at reasonable prices. We understand the importance of longevity and quality control for your business, so we only offer the best products. Our pallets are consistently transported back and forth between manufacturers and customers due to their strength and ability to withstand weather conditions such as rain and water for an extended period of time. By focusing on quality assurance, we strive to be successful.


Used Pallets Wisconsin

Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin offers wooden pallets that protect your goods while saving and stacking. Due to their strength and durability, our wood pallets can be used by both commercial and industrial customers. We only use the best materials to ensure the highest quality of our pallets.

Our pallets can be used for anything from storage to transportation because of their durability and strength. Our sturdy and shock-resistant pallets come with a trusted name that you can rely on to distribute, stack, store, and protect your goods.


New Options

At Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin, we can create and design new pallets to meet your specific needs. We can tailor our pallets to fit your product’s particular shipping requirements, regardless of its size, shape, or weight.

Used Pallets

Recycled Pallets

At Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin, we believe that recycled pallets are the best and most cost-effective foundation for storage and shipment. Each recycled pallet we provide has been thoroughly inspected, graded, and repaired if necessary before being shipped.

Affordable and Personalized

At Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin, we accept used and discarded pallets. We offer our customers the most practical and cost-efficient haul-off services, disposing of any materials regardless of their condition. In order to meet your needs and provide a one-stop solution, we offer comprehensive pallet services. We can clean up any additional pallet clutter.

Used Pallets

Streamlined Haul off

Do you have a surplus of used pallets taking up space in your garage or yard? Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin offers a swift pick-up service to get rid of them quickly. No matter the quantity of pallets you have, we will come and collect them, and work around your schedule. We use a more efficient method of collecting and analyzing information, which makes the process simple for you. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact and quickly and regularly pick up pallets to alleviate your stress. Don’t wait, contact us now!

E Pallets

Reliable Haul Off Service

At Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin, you can get a haul-off at a lower cost due to our budget-friendly prices. You can always contact our customer service representatives with any questions you may have about our prices, delivery fees, or other concerns. Our experienced pallet cleaning teams have the skills and equipment necessary to move both small and large pallets. The number of pallets and the duration are used to plan the service. Our skilled team can handle both one-time or weekly disposal while taking into consideration all factors.


Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin is the one credible distributor of used pallets. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch products and excellent customer service. Here are seven reasons why you should choose us if you plan to buy a used pallet.

  1. We offer top-quality products: All of our used pallets have undergone a professional inspection before being made available, so you can be confident that the items you purchase will last.

  2. Our prices are affordable

  3. We offer a wide selection: Whether you need something in a commercial size or a custom size, we have it all!

  4. Fast shipping

  5. Versatility

  6. Functionality

  7. Buyer satisfaction guarantee

Why Go For Used Pallets?

Due to a shortage in the availability of lumber and a significant increase in demand, new pallets are expensive. The most cost-effective option is to use reconditioned pallets. Recycled wood pallets are great for the environment as they have a low carbon impact. The designs of recycled pallets are as varied as those of fresh pallets.

Used pallets can be used for nearly all purposes and warehouse layouts. Our pallet experts give each pallet a quality grade and adhere to strict quality control for your satisfaction.

Vast & Wide Variety

Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin offers used pallets in a variety of types, designs, and sizes, both large and small, to carry a range of items. By using recycled pallets, we contribute to keeping the earth clean and monitoring the environment. Even if you need a large quantity of pallets, our inventory is filled with reconditioned pallets to meet your needs. We strongly believe that conserving wood for future generations is the only way to reduce waste and increase productivity.


At Wisconsin Pallets in Monona, Wisconsin, we meet all of your pallet needs while providing prompt and accurate delivery while paying close attention to detail. We never experience a break in our relentless supply chain. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service ensures that you will receive prompt assistance and high-quality products at a fair price. Contact a member of our knowledgeable staff to find out how we can meet your business’s pallet needs.

Even if you require a large quantity of pallets, our inventory is filled with reconditioned pallets to meet your needs. We strongly believe that conserving wood for future generations is the only way to reduce waste and increase productivity.

To function properly, every used pallet needs to be in proper condition; otherwise, dangerous stacks can result. We provide businesses an attractive market for their products by choosing among the top supplies from local manufacturers. We offer a variety of shipping and storage options. Our delivery containers for new and used pallets are often popular. For affordable purchases of strong, complete wood pallets, give us a call.